Tillicum  Tee  Shirt  Story  How  its  Creation  came  about      may 2014              ___________________________________________________________________________________________________                                               { a brief version of the full complete original story below }   also see the saanich news editorial a co-collaberative writen between i the tee shirts artist an creator: jeffrey m fritz  an Saanich News Reporter: travis patterson -- july 21 2016 -- Click Link here -

The tillicum tee shirt was an idea sparked off by my own reminicing about the tillicum drive in, getting curious about it i wanted to see if i could find anything on it, in my search i found this 2008 news article ir read:,"The Mayfair shopping center is holding a Drive-In event that will be staged in association with FreshAirCinema, a White Rock-based "outdoor movie company" that will provide the giant inflatable screen, projector, FM transmitter and speakers to recreate the classic drive in, i read that beginning in 2008 an up until summer 2014 mayfair mall held a drive in movie night as a free curtousy venue to shoppers at the the mayfair mall situtated in the mayfair parkade, unfortunately as of june first 2014 mayfair mall is no longer holding this venue due to the fact that it became so popular that mayfair had to turn away more cars then thier parkade could handle, the emense amount of disappointed drive in movie patrons who were looking forward to this venue for this summer 2014 were very disappointed. i felt someone should pick up where mayfair left off, it was then i had an good idea, that person, will be me by oct 2014 i began to see if i could find any art relating to our old tillicum drive in, it took 12 hours for two days a total of 25 hours of relentless searching untill i was able to find this blue tillicum drive in matcbook cover posted on an american drive-in blog site i soon went to work to restoring the old image took over week to complete, i decided to add a tillicum speaker an an old 1949 custom hot rod that look made it an instant hit when i had it ready i soon contacted quillstees promotional producrts in victoria bc an he went to work getting nine heat pressed on white tee shirts for nine people who saw the ad for it posted on: www.OldVictorBC.com facebook Page, for christmas 2014 nine local victoria people had a exciting nostalgic surprise gift for christmas day, now for christmas 2015 i have created another classic hit first customer i sent a flyer to via email to his cadillac car show was local car club president dewane ollech the black tillicum drive in tee shirt featuring a 1955 cadillac he loved it, then three other classic 1950s cars, were put on this tee shirt to satisfy other car club people, contact: style n print at 2639 quadra to see them all today --- thanks to a local victoria shop owner an good friend this online store was made possible