THE CREATION of the TILLICUM TEE SHIRT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
29 years after Vancouver Island's last drive-in theatre and the outdoor movie experience made a first comeback.
at the Mayfair Shopping Centre re-created the drive-in experience back in the of summer 2008 on a giant inflatable movie screen. its a fact that audiences haven't lost their taste for outdoor movie-watching, its estimated that over 3000 people or more in the greater victoria an surrounding areas would give anything to be able to attend an old fahioned drive like this, again, back in 2008 the movies were digitally projected onto a three-storey-high inflatable screen facing Toys R Us in the parking lot at the corner of Blanshard and Finlayson. Patrons who  they heard the movie soundtrack through there car speakers, on an transmitted FM frequency.                                                                                                                                                                                              This event, was co-sponsored by 100.3 the Q and the Times Colonist, is more than just a promotional event.The Mayfair Drive-In event was being staged in association with FreshAirCinema, a White Rock-based "outdoor movie company" that provided the giant screen, projector, FM transmitters and speakers to recreate the classic drive-in. it was thank you event to all patrons for shopping at mayfair mall. 
In may 2014 i had no money was board an got thinking about the tillicum drive in I had gone out on the net a read all of this stuff about mayfair mall that a drive is in general had made a comeback an of this drive in event i enquired at the end of may 2014 to the lady in charge of the mayfair drive in venue, sadly as of june 1 2014 mayfair mall was no longer holding this drive in event due to the fact it had gotten so emesely popular there had become way to many cars showing up for mayfair to handle them all and the sea of disappointed drive in movie patrons who were looking forward to this venue were turned away.                                 I thought to myself, if i could do something with ths drive in stuff i could make a million.                                                                     You can now see why its important to pick up where mayfair left off, an continue with what they started, i the artist an creator of the tillicum drive in tee shirt began a very long 25 hours search out of curiousty to see i could find anything still out there from the tillicum dive in, 25 hours were spent to locate an find an original tillicum artwork on a blue mactbook cover, from that i transformed it into the tillicum drive in tee shirt, by dec 2014 it was done an ready to be printed on tee shirts but it was a last minute thing so the tee shirt printer could only put the tillicum drive in image on a heat transfer for the christmas season 2914 so on  dec 25 2014 nine people in victoria bc had an awesome nostalgic surprise to open christmas day, they became a instant hit then after a local apparrel guy saw my tee ad on he odered 20 tees to sell at the end of may at the car show: rock n roll for little souls, 20 were sold fast! the popularity of the tillicum tee shirts are proof, people still remember an love the tillicum drive in so very much.  so for summer 2017 after selling two 69 charger tillicum tee shirts at A&W ms car show in langford to thomas strand before the car show car arrived we  got to talking about the fact i the tillicum tee creator am not able to get to alot of car shows that require a car he was very understanding an nicely offered his help in ths regaurd so for summer 2017 we began a series of discussions that lead to our creating the free movie night its our hope some attensdees with want to contribute donation to enable us to hold an paying drive in event at werstern speedway to accomodate 500 cars eventually the profits from the imcome of the drive in event will help us launce the return of the tillicum outdoor theatre "in hd" it will be the way we all remember it but with a nostalgic sweetening to make it so much more nostagically wonderful, eventually  the emese imcome can help benefit various charities an help the unemployed, needy families, the homeless an give a boost to tourismm, we will have the funds to purchase an provide free shuttle buses from ogden point taking tourist right to the drive in event, the new tillicum drive in can be so very much more for all people, and do so much more for all people in our local victoria city an economy giving us all back a reason to be excited "like in the good old days" when we wanted to go to the movies to give ourslelves, again this time with our kids, a chance to expierience that very place they have only heard about in stories as told my our grandparents, to know what super joy the whole family can share in   
 if you know someone who would love to do what ever they can to spead the word, please contact the artist an creator: jeffrey at: 250-384-9187 to get a copy of the free drive in movie event flyer wich is setup to print out as two flyers on one sheet of 8x10 it in the pdf format  i will e-mailed it to you, also be shure to call thomas at: 893-7540 to get wich night of the week, the time an location of out first drive in movie event, "if you or anyone you know knows of a parking lot we can use for this please let us know", the new tillicum drive in can be so much more and do so much more for all people in our local victoria economy
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