Greetings Tillicum drive in fans, if you love the idea of getting the tillicum outdoor theatre back as a permanant part of our entertainment scene then please click the pay pal button -{ upper left corner }- an make your donation in any amount you would like, _______________________ ---( see full list of -Fresh Air Cinema costs below )--- 
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                    BC - Accomm 1 night accommodation @ $175.00 / room / night. 2 rooms required per night x 2 nights. NOTE: ROOMS CAN BE SPONSORED BY CLIENT IF THEY PROVIDE LOCAL ACCOMMODATION FOR $175.00  /       4 crew  $700.00   
BC - Subsistence Daily subsistence for travelling crew (4 crew x 2 days) $40.00  / 8 crew - $320.00  
Subtotal:  $13,144.68 
GST 5% 657.23 
-All rentals include the following EQUIPMENT: 
• inflatable screen 
• projector 
• power (ie: generators) 
• speakers 
• AV control system 
• Trailer - used as AV control center for projection, video & sound 
• anchoring 
• AV cables & adapters 
• BACKUP EQUIPMENT  - spare screen, projector, generator, speakers 
• FM Transmission equipment (for Drive-In events) 
-All rentals include the following SERVICE: 
TRANSPORT to Location -- Truck, Trailer, Fuel, Labour, and subsistence. 
1, 2 or 3 man crew (depends on size of screen) -- to rig-up, operate, rig-down equipment. 
arrive on site 3-4 hours before start (sunset) time. • operation for 1 feature film or 2 hours of programming. 
Accommodation for crew (if applicable) 
--- PRE-SHOW VIDEO: Fresh Air Cinema offers as a service to our clients the use of our in-house video production service. If you have images for your event that you want displayed up on the big screen prior to the movie (ie: sponsor logo's, pictures, business cards, script, single image advertisement) we can incorporate that into our standard pre-show. Additional fees may apply. Contact your FAC representative for more information. Please note - all preshow material must be received no later than 3 weeks before your event or we cannot guarantee the quality or readiness of the material. 
--- MOVIE LICENSE: For 'public' events a Movie License is required. For 'private' events a license may not be required. The cost of this license is not included. There is 3rd party movie distribution companies who handle these licenses and the process is very simple. Price of the license is determined by the title you choose and the range is between $150-$600. Older titles (already on DVD) average about - $250/film. - Newer titles (not yet on DVD) average about - $500 / film. - We can provide you information to help you with this very simple process. 
--- ANCHORING:  As a standard setup we use heavy duty metal stakes inserted 3 feet into the ground to anchor the screen to. For venues other than 'grass' and where we cannot use stakes an alternative method of anchoring will need to be sourced out which is not included in the cost of this of this quote. Options include cement blocks (2000-3500 lbs each), fixed structures, vehicles, pallets with sand bags, ballasts or other heavy portable structures that are readily available at your site. NOTE: It is IMPORTANT to have the ground checked & marked for underground lines (ie: gas, electrical, water) before the event date. 
--- SECURE BOOKING:  In order to guarantee your booking of the equipment for the date(s) you want a down payment of 45% will be required upon receipt of the Invoice. If your booking is less than 1 month away then the full amount is promptly due upon receipt of Invoice. 
--- Estimate is valid for 30 days. 
-All prices are in CDN. 
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